My Old School House

Here is the old school house that I went to many years ago. Notice the two doors, one on each side. Girls and Boys. Ha Ha.

Today, they would call that discrimination. Singling one out over the other. Just another bit on how our world has become these days.

The thing is … what happened in the past shouldn’t be destroyed as some are doing with our statues, books and things. We should look at them, as a remember-when, and learn from them. Destroying our past is destroying our future.

Oh! And actually, I think it would be a good idea to have separate doors today.

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2 thoughts on “My Old School House”

    1. Hi there Bernice. Nice to hear from you. Yep, I have to admit, the old school house looks just as good as it did when I went to school there 65 Years ago. I would say it has weathered the fates of time quite well. Thanks for saying hello. Not to bad a day here weather wise this morning. Stay safe. GW

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