What’s Happening On March 1/2022

Hi Folks. It’s another cloudy, snowy day here in Northern Ontario. We did have an inch or so of new snow overnight, and I suspect we will have another inch or so throughout the day. Highway 522 is snow covered. However, the plow just went past our home. Travelling won’t be the greatest today.

The temperature getting out of bed was sitting at -9.1 C | 15.62 F. Not too bad, and it will warm up a bit more as the day moves forward.

On another note, we have been having a lot of finches at our bird feeder the past few days. They come and go and are nice to see, other than the larger birds that remain all winter.

So with that bit of information out of the way, I am off to feed the birds and put some wood in our furnace. Have a great day. March 1st, man, time sure flies by these days. GW

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