What’s Happening On March 4/2022

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It started off sunny here in Northern Ontario, Canada. But at the moment the sun has left us. We should, however, see a wee bit more sunshine as the day moves forward. Highway 522 is still partially snow and ice covered, and we are having some light flurries at the moment. Today will be the last day of the real cold weather, and tomorrow things will start to warm up above the freezing mark. And the warmer temperatures should remain with us for about a week before it cools back down a wee bit. But by the looks of things, the coldest weather has left us for this year. Which is okay with me as I am looking forward to some front porch sittin”.

On another note, I steadily worked away here on some technical stuff on my computer yesterday. I think I am happy now with the way things are working. It has been a challenge. Today I should be able to get back to writing up some new stories for my newspaper columns. It will be nice to get them out of the way for summer. My wife is steadily working on her painting orders, which has been hard with all the other things she has to do. But she is making progress. It’s amazing how she gets all these things looked after.

With that I am off for a bowl of cereal that my lovely wife is making me and will then get to work. Have a great day. GW

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