What’s Happening On March 9/2022

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It’s a sunny day here in Northern Ontario, The temperature isn’t all that bad, neither. Getting out of bed, it was sitting at -3.4 C | 25.88 F. And it will warm up a lot as the day moves forward. Feeding our birds this morning, I could feel the warmth of the sunshine on my face. It felt good too. Feeling that is a sure sign, that the warm weather isn’t that far off. Highway 522 is bare and mostly dry this morning, which will make travelling good.

On another note, now that the weather is starting to head off into the right direction, my wife and I are going to start getting our small Gift Shop in order, so we can have a Grand Reopening. Which should be around the 24th of May if things goes to plan. We have been close because of this virus now for over two years. We are looking forward to seeing all our friends that usually always dropped by for a visit, along with new folks. I will do some special posts here on my Blog of how things are going occasionally.

With that, I am off for some homemade waffles that my lovely wife is making me, and will then get to work. Lots to do now that things are warming up. Have a great day and stay safe! This virus is still out there, not as bad as the earlier strains, but it still has the potential of making a person pretty sick. GW

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