What’s Happening on March 15/2022

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It’s a cloudy morning here in Northern Ontario, Canada. And it is still quite cool with the temperature getting out of bed sitting at -10.8 C | 12.56 F. But in saying that things will start to warm up a lot as the day moves forward, and we will be seeing a lot of melting for the next couple of weeks. Which is fine with me, as I am ready for summer and seeing green instead of white when I look out the window. It’s been a long winter. Highway 522 is bare, which will make things nice if you have to go anywhere.

And speaking of going anywhere. The price we are paying for lumber and gas in Canada is terrible, and there is no reason for it. Our government spent millions and more millions of taxpayers dollars, on a pipeline that they shut down, which would have supplied all we needed and then some. They say they want to go green, what a joke that is. We here in Canada are supposed to go green, but yet we supply other countries. Another joke. On the next bit we are supposed to be a peace keeping country we don’t fight, instead we supply other countries with all kinds of weapons, so they can fight. I shake my head in wonder where these so-called powers brains are. Well, I could tell you where … I think their heads are located, but I don’t think I need to.

Damn … what a way to start off a day, sheesh, I think I will go back to bed and get up again. Have a great day, If that is possible. GW

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