What’s Happening On March 17/2022

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Starting things off, it is a cloudy morning here in Northern Ontario, Canada. On the good side of things, the temperature is well above the freezing mark, sitting at 5.3 C | 41.54 F. And looking outside the snow is melting fast. If these temperatures keep up, which I think they will, the snow should be almost gone by the end of next week. Yesterday alone we lost a lot. Highway522 is bare and wet this morning, which will make travelling pretty good if you’re in need of some things in the big cities.

Yesterday I worked most of the day here on my computer, along with helping my lovely wife in her studio as she is remodelling. I understand, as I have to do the same in my woodworking shop every so often, with things all over the place.

Today I will do some more work here on my computer, writing up a story or two. Should keep me busy for most of the day. With that, have a great day. GW

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