What’s Happening On April 22/2022

Good Day. How you all making out this morning? Good I hope. Ruth and I are fine these days, just working away on different things for our grand reopening of our Gift Shop at the end of May. Lots to do, but everything is coming together, a little at a time. It won’t be long, and we will be opening our cottage for the summer too. I like to wait until the frost is totally out of the ground. I found that is a good rule of thumb for doing certain outside things. The ice, on the lakes and waterways, should be gone soon, as the temperature is supposed to get up to around the 24C/76F mark on Sunday. Only for one day, though, as then it drops back down to seasonal values. I will take it, as my wife and I are tired of the cold weather. Might even take the day and do some front porch sittin’.

On another note, I just finished lighting the old woodworking shop stove once again. I light it in the morning, and it lasts for most of the day. It doesn’t take much to warm it up, so it’s comfortable to work in. Yesterday I worked on some one of a kind items and will be doing the same today. I like making things that no one else has. I have been doing that for over 50 years or so. On top of all that, these things we make are made right here in Ontario using nothing but our own material. We don’t use or buy anything from China or offshore countries. Like some I know. In my mind, all of us in business should be catering to looking after our own country first.

With that I am off for a bowl of cereal that my lovely wife is making for me and will then get to work. I have been looking forward to working in my shop for the past month now. Keeps me out of trouble. Have a great day. GW

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