What’s Happening On May 21/2022

Don’t Kill The Dandelions, They Save Life’s.

Starting things off, it is cloudy here in Port Loring, Ontario. We should however see some sunshine as the day progresses, and then rain for tomorrow. But Monday isn’t looking all that bad. So weather wise, things are shaping up for a not too bad Long Weekend. We did have a nice rain through the night, with lots of thunder and lightning. Things could have been a lot worse as they said we could have had a tornado along with large hail. So all in all, we made out pretty good. Highway 522 is getting busier every day. Yesterday I had to go pick up a belt at Mikes here in town. I decided to go for a walk and I had to wait for all the cars, campers and trucks, so I could get across the highway. Sign of how things are changing these days.

On another note, I did get my parts for my fifty-year-old rototiller, so going to see if I can put it back together this morning. It is a good old machine, but hard to get parts for nowadays. I can’t complain, mind ya, as I haven’t had to do hardly any maintenance on it for as long as I have owned it. Something like my old Roper Riding Mower. Ha Ha. I have to say, it turns heads when folks see me mowing with it.

On another note, I got my potatoes planted yesterday, which should give us a few nice meals later on this summer. My garlic is also growing leaps and bounds too. The best I have ever grown, thanks to my friend Archie. Sometimes a feller has to take some advice from others. I also got my vegetable garden in shape for planting. I will get at that in three or four days. Just waiting to make sure there isn’t going to be any more frost at nights.

So with that I am off for a bagel with some Dandelion Jam my lovely wife made for me yesterday and will then see what the day has in store other than what I have planned. You never know. Stay safe, still lots of folks sick here in town.

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