What’s Happening In & Around Port Loring, Ontario, Canada on Jan 22/2023

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Good Morning!

It’s a cloudy morning here, waking up. Splittin’ some kindlin’ this morning, the temperature outside felt not so bad with it sittin’ at -2.4 C | 27.68 F. A lot warmer than yesterday morning. We could see some freezing rain or some light snow off and on throughout the day. But it will remain warm now for two more days or so. Which is fine with me as my snowblower said it needed a rest. Looking out, highway 522 is bare this morning, but there are still some icy sections throughout. So extra care should be taken if out and about. It would also be a good idea to keep an extra look-out for the deer crossing the Highway, as they have been migrating into our area now for the past two or three weeks now. And they don’t seem to mind the cars or trucks any walking out in front of them. Can’t really blame them, as they were here a lot longer than us humans.

On another note, I am still working away here on some podcasts which I will continue on doing for the next few days or so, and then will get to work on writing up a few more stories for my Newspaper Columns. I have a few in mind. I love to write, but it is getting harder and harder as after all these years topics are getting harder to find. Hmm, maybe you folks have some ideas that you think would make a good story? If so, send them along, it would be appreciated. You can send them to: [email protected]

With that, I am off for some pancakes this morning covered with an ample amount of fresh butter, just because I can, along with a bit of Mike Clappertons World Renown Maple Syrup. Pretty tasty breakfast to say the least.

Stay Safe. GW

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