What’s Happening In Port Loring, Ontario, Canada on Jan 28/2023

Good Morning!

It’s a cold morning here in Port Loring, but not as cold as yesterday. Waking up, the temperature was sitting at -4.8 C | 23.36 F. It won’t warm up any more than it is now for the remainder of the day. After today things start to get a touch colder and will remain that way right up till the second week in Feb. So all in all, we, here in Port Loring, can’t call it a bad winter. It’s fine with me, as I am ready to see green again, and do some front porch sittin’.

Highway 522 is half snow covered with a lot of icy sections throughout. The thing about getting to Port Loring is … One Road In and One Road Out. Good in one way and not so good in another way. Reason being that after 20 years of going to North Bay for groceries, my wife and I know every tree stump ????, along the Highway. Hell, we even made friends with a Turtle that sits on a rock in one of the swamps. Every time we go by, I say to my lovely wife. “Is Myrtle sitting on her rock today?” Surprisingly she is. Not this time of year, though, but her rock is still there. Ha ha.

On another note, yesterday my wife and I took it a bit easy recouping from moving our last snow fall. I did remove some ashes from our wood furnace along with splittin’ some kindlin’ and a few larger pieces. Most of the time we only need smaller pieces to keep us warm. I call it a two stick fire. And it’s been that way so far for most of the winter. Which is a good thing, as if we had to burn oil it would have been expensive. I won’t get into that this morning. Damn Governments with their so-called bright ideas.

With that I am off for some pancakes this morning topped off with Mike Clappertons World Renown Maple Syrup.

After that, I will see. I never know. Life is a mystery in itself.

Stay safe, still a lot of sickness in our area. GW

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