What’s Happening In & Around Port Loring, Ontario, Canada on Jan 30/2023

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Good Morning!

It’s a cool, cloudy morning here in Port Loring. It was a few degrees colder overnight, but it has warmed up some now, with it sitting at -12.3 C | 9.86 F. It won’t warm up any more than it is right now. We are also seeing some more snow this morning, with another inch added so far to what we do have. Which in total is around 12–14 inches. Highway 522 is snow covered like yesterday, along with a lot of icy sections. So if heading out of town, make sure you put a blanket in your car and dress warm. Better to be prepared than not.

On another note, the weather will warm up for tomorrow and the next day … but on Thursday and Friday some major cold weather will move into our area. We could see it drop to -30F/-32C. So might pay to make sure you plug your car, truck or what ever in, on them two nights. After that, things warm back up.

Yesterday, my wife and I did nothing other than chatting about things and taking it easy for a change. Today I will work away on another story or two for my columns.

With that I am off for some Port Loring, Toast with some of Mike Clapperton’s, Worlds Best, Maple Syrup. A quote by Mike.

“I’m still loyal to my customers,” he said. “As far as the winning goes, my customers have been telling me for years that you make good maple syrup. This is just confirmation that everybody’s right.”

It is good, that’s for sure!

Have a great day and stay safe. A little precaution goes a long way these days. GW

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