What’s Happening On April 6/2023

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Good Morning!

For a change we are waking up to some sunshine which is sure nice. The temperature is still somewhat cool, sitting at 0.9 C | 33.62 F. It will have to warm up a lot more than that, if we want to get rid of the snow we have left. But the warmer weather is heading our way starting on Saturday, and it will continue getting warmer after that. So patience is in order for those of that are yearning for some front porch sitting. Highway 522 is bare and dry after our ice storm yesterday. We were lucky as the high winds we had didn’t knock out our power. They flickered off and on a few times, but that was it. We did have some large branches broken off of some of our large red pines, caused by the wind and ice. So we will have to clean them up, when it warms up.

On another note, Easter is almost upon us, which will make the working man somewhat happy, as they will have a day off from work. Other than most farmers, that is, as their chores needs to be done 7 days a week. My wife and I lived that lifestyle for most of our lives. Today, we don’t have the farms anymore, but we still have the country to wake up to every morning.

Two of our boys are coming for a visit this weekend, we see them two times a year. Living where we do, so far away from them, makes it difficult for us to see them on a regular basis. But we make the best of it.

Yesterday I did work a wee bit on my new mystery novel I have in the works and I probably will do the same today off and on. I do have a few things to do getting ready for our visitors that will be arriving sometime tomorrow.

With that, I am off for a bowl of cereal that my lovely wife is making for me.

Have a great day! GW

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