What’s Happening On April 16/2023

Good Morning!

It’s another nice morning here, waking up. The sun is shinning, and the temperature is starting to climb. However, this will be the last day of our summer like weather, as tomorrow things will cool down considerably, and late tomorrow night we could see some more of the white stuff. So as I said yesterday, if you have some outside work that needs attending, then this is the day to look after it. My wife and I have been steadily working away on our lawns and gardens, getting them cleaned up. Yesterday I did manage to roll our lawn, while my wife worked away raking leaves, along with other things. It took us most of the day. After we were finished, we were sure tired, and both our bodies ached in parts that we didn’t know existed. Today my wife and I should be able to finish things up as to where it looks nice, and our plants are able to show off in a few weeks. After winter, there is always a lot that needs to be done. Although the work may be physically painful, it prepares us for what is ahead. At least that is what we keep on telling ourselves. Ha ha.

With that, not much else going on around our town, other than a lot more people moving about, and we have noticed a few campers moving into our area. I am thinking they might have been better waiting another week. But everyone has their own way of doing things.

Have a great day. Great Day! Enjoy it while you can.

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