What’s Happening On May 22/2023

Good Morning!

It looks like a nice day is shaping up for us here in Cottage Country. The sun is shinning, the leaves are almost out in full form, and … the Robins are enjoying their breakfast feasting on some pretty good size worms in our front lawn.

Highway 522 wasn’t all that busy yesterday, being the long weekend. But it will pick up after today, with folks opening up their cottages for the summer and the stores reopening.

Bug Report: The Black Flies started to return yesterday afternoon once it warmed up some. And I suspect they will be a little thick for most of the day and on into the week ahead. The Mosquitoes are around, but not too many at the moment. But that will change when the temperatures start to rise. Especially at night. The temperature waking up was sitting at 2.8 C | 37.04 F which is quite cool, and we did have some frost early this morning.

On another note, with my wife and I both being laid up, took it easy yesterday and will do the same today.

Our firewood is piled up now for the summer out of the weather, and all that’s left now to do in that department, is to let nature take its course, drying it for winter. Sure is nice seeing it all piled up in our Lean-To. Kind of gives you a good feeling knowing it’s done and that no matter what, we will be warm come winter. Once again, our thanks to those that helped us out, it sure means a lot to us.

With that I am off for a bite to eat that my lovey wife is making for me and will then see what the day and my body has in store.

Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine. GW

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