What’s Happening On May 23/2023

Good Morning!

It looks like another nice day shaping up for us here in Cottage Country. The sun is burning off the haze, and it should be showing off within an hour or so. It will also warm up a lot as the day moves forward. Which means that my lovely wife and I can do some front porch sittin’. Truth be told … that is about all we can do at the moment, especially me with not being able to walk very far. But I am still getting out of bed in the morning, which is something in itself.

On another note we both didn’t do all that much yesterday and I suspect we will do the same today. However, my wife did make some Carrot Muffins yesterday that were pretty tasty, with a cream cheese topping.

Bug Report: Lots of Black Flies and the now them Blood Sucking Parasites the Mosquitoes have entered into the picture. I was swatting a few that got into the house yesterday. Nothing worse than a couple mosquitoes bothering you, when you want to sleep. At least for me. They will remain with us now till it gets really warm.

With that I am off for a toasted bagel this morning with a touch of cream cheese, and some homemade jam. Which should hold me till lunchtime. Kind of amazing really. I can’t do all that much right now, but still work up an appetite.

Anyway you all have a great day, be careful when doing things, and try and soak up some of that sunshine that we all are in need of these days. GW

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