What’s Happening in Cottage Country on June 3/2023

Good Morning!

It’s a hazy morning here, waking up in Cottage Country. But the haze will be burned off with the sun making its appearance. It will also be another warm day The temperature however is quite nice at the moment sitting at 15.2 C | 59.36 F. The past two days has sure been hot, and it is a constant job keeping our new veggies watered. Some I see have even been burned a bit being so hot. They should make a comeback now as the temperatures begin to cool down some. I figure we will have another 4 or 5 days of the hot stuff, and then we will get back to what we would call a norm for this time of year. We could however use some rain as things are sure dry. I also noticed there is a fire ban for the Parry Sound District, with no daytime or nighttime burning, which I think is a good thing, as it wouldn’t take much to start a forest fire. And living where we do, we sure wouldn’t want that to happen. Looking outside, there isn’t a breath of wind this morning.

Highway 522 is quiet this morning, but it is early, and I am sure things will pick up in a bit. It is that time of year.

Bug Report: There are still some Black Flies irritating folks along with the Mosquitoes, but the hot weather is taking its toll on them. Which is fine with my wife and I.

On another note, I still am unable to do too much work around our property yet, however I can walk to my shop and back before having to sit down. So slowly it is improving, I am hoping it gets a lot better soon.

Today I am going to take it easy. My lovely wife will be busy doing her housework, along with looking after me, which is a full time job lately. I am sure glad I have a woman like her. Truth be told, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her.

With that, I am off for a bite to eat and will then see what my body allows me to do. Have a great day. GW

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