What’s Happening In Cottage Country On June 6/2023

Good Morning!

It looks as if another real nice day is shaping up for us here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. The sun is shinning, the Robbins are trying to build a nest under our front porch roof, and the trees and flowers are really showing off. But on the topic of the Robbins, they sure are determined to build that nest, as my wife has taken it down now three times. We would let them alone, but where they are wanting to build it isn’t the best place, as they would make a heck of a mess on our deck. So as much as we love them, we will have to take it down again this morning.

Highway 522 is busy this morning, and it will continue now for the remainder of the summer.

Bug Report: The Black Flies were out yesterday once again, but not as bad as they were a week ago. They are easing off a wee bit, as are the mosquitoes. But it is that time of year. On the subject of Black Flies and Mosquitoes, I hear that our scientists are saying that wearing bright green helps in steering them away, along with white. I suppose it couldn’t hurt to give it a try. For myself they don’t bother me all that much, they swarm around my head, face and neck, but they don’t bite. I keep on telling my lovely wife that we have an understanding, they leave me alone, and I leave them alone. Ha ha. One remedy I found that works pretty good is not to use any scented soap, perfume, underarm deodorant or things like that, as they draw them to ya in droves.

On another note, I did do some work yesterday, cutting down some weeds with my weed eater. I made out okay, but had to stop a few times and rest. Once done, I was finished for the day, having to sit down. As I said in other posts. I am slowly learning to take life a bit easier, but it is hard, being that I have worked hard all my life. But it is what it is. That front porch of mine is beginning to look better every day.

Today I am unsure what I will be doing. I have a mind to get out my roller and put a coat of wood preservetor on it. I never use stain or sealer on my decks or posts, as all that does is make the wood rot quicker. Wood Preserverter is the way to go. Actually, I bought a couple Gallons the other day. What we do is we buy one gallon of clear and one gallon of the normal brown that they are using now on most of all the decking and posts. I then mix them together, which lightens the brown up, which is the colour that we like. Looks rich and lasts a good two years or more. But, as I always say. To each their own.

With that I am off for a bagel this morning, a cheese bagel to be precise, topped with a bit of cream cheese. Have a good day. GW

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