What’s Happening in Cottage Country On June 9/2023

Good Morning!

Well, we all woke up to a cloudy sky this morning, and we did have a sprinkle of rain through the night, or … early this morning. More is on the way for tomorrow and Monday. We sure need it. But you never know what nature has planned. Time will tell the truth of it. The temperature has dropped a lot, with it sitting at: 12.2 C | 53.96 F. It will warm up some as the day progresses, and if lucky we could see a bit of sunshine off and on.

Highway 522 has slowed down some, caused by the forest fires and the camp fire ban in and around our area. But with things being so dry, the ban was needed. But if we get the rain, I am sure they will reinstate it for nighttime burning. Again, we will have to see how things work out in the coming days.

Bug Report; The Black Flies aren’t all that bad these days, but the mosquitoes are really annoying now. Especially this morning with it being so damp. They love, damp, warm and shady areas. And of course they really like to get inside your home if they can. I always brush myself off before opening the door. I also spray a bit of insect killer around the outside of the door every day, which I found helps a lot.

On another note, I did do some work outside yesterday, but by noon I could hardly walk, so had to sit down for the rest of the day. I guess I am not ready to do too much yet. At any rate, there isn’t much I can do about it, other than take it easy till the old body heals itself. Which I am sure it will, given the right amount of time, and rest.

Today I will take it easy and stay inside, as the damp, cool weather makes the old bones feel not so good.
With that I am off for some Pancakes that my lovely wife is preparing for me along with some of Mike Clappertons world renown Maple Syrup. Sure is tasty.

Have a great day and stay safe, as there is a lot of sickness out there these days, colds, flu and things. GW

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