What’s Happening In Cottage Country on June 12/2023

Good Morning!

It’s a cloudy morning here waking up, and along with that we are getting some much-needed rain. I think my tomatoes grew six inches overnight. You know you can water all you want, but nothing gets them plants to growing like Mother Natures rain water. I think she has a secret ingredient in it that she keeps to herself.

Highway 522 was very quiet over the weekend, but it will pick up as the week ahead improves weatherwise.

Bug Report: Other than the mosquitoes, things are pretty good these days, but there are still a few lingering Black Flies. By the end of the week, they should be all but gone. I should mention though that I have seen a few deer flies around. When them suckers find you, they won’t leave you alone. I have to wait till they land, and then I swat them with my old hat. Killed many a bug that hat. It’s kind of like the old six guns, that the folks wore many years ago.

On another note, my wife and I put together a new propane barbecue yesterday, well she did the most of it as I still can’t stand too long or bend over that much. Actually it went well considering all the pieces that had to be put together. Our old one we had for over 35 years. I kept repairing it till finally my wife said: “Throw the damn thing away, George, it can’t be fixed anymore.” Ha ha. So I did, but they sure don’t make them like they used to, that’s for sure.

Today, I am going to take it easy and rest some more. I might venture out to my shop a bit later and see if I can clean it up some. I have a chair out there that I can sit on if need be.

So with that I am off for a toasted cheese bagel that my lovely wife is preparing for me, and will then see what is in store. Have a great day! GW

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