What’s Happening In Cottage Country On August 2/2023

Good Morning!

It’s been a few days since my last post as my lovely wife and I, along with our son Karl, took a drive down to Niagara to see our oldest son Craig. We had a nice time and took in a lot of sights while there. The only issue we had, which could have turned into a disaster, was that the drivers side wheel just about fell off. I guess the nuts holding it on came loose. We heard a noise in Barrie when we stopped for coffee. So hearing that, we decided to take it into the Ford Dealer that was close by. They took a look and after inspecting everything they found the loose wheel and two bad tie rod-ends. They said we were very lucky. At any rate 2 hours later along with a $1000.00 we were on our way. The rest of the trip was good. While there as I said we took in the sights along with picking up some fresh fruit, along with other things, had a good visit with our boy and came on home, stopping here and there along the way. We even had an ice cream in Cooks town, which was pretty tasty, along with some fresh picked corn. Once home, it took us all day yesterday to unwind. Ha ha. Today we have some peaches to do up and get into the freezer for winter. We picked up some at a friend of ours farm near where our farm used to be years ago. They are what you call peaches, not like what is in the stores up here, let me tell you. Nice and sweet and a good size. Like a peach should be.

Highway 522 is still very quiet these days in our area. We did however have a lot of people drop by our gift shop yesterday, which was nice. Half were from the USA. Nice folks too.

Bug Report: All is well these days in that department.

On another note, it is dry out there, so I had to water our vegetable gardens when we got back home. A person has to keep on top of these things if they want some nice vegetables for the table or to do up for winter. Nothing like fresh veggies taken right from your own garden.

With that, I am off for a bowl of cereal this morning and will then see what the day has in store.

Have a great day and stay safe. GW

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