Carbon Tax In Canada ??

According to Canadian sources, Canada possesses significant carbon sinks, which include 990 million acres of forests, 370 million acres of wetlands, and 167 million acres of crop-yielding farmland. These carbon sinks absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

Biologists state that trees absorb around 2.6 tons of carbon per acre. By multiplying the forested area by this figure, we find that Canada absorbs approximately 2.574 billion tons of carbon annually.

When we consider the global emissions of about 36 trillion tons and Canada’s share of 1.67% (0.0167) of these emissions, it amounts to 601.2 million tons. Remarkably, in the forests alone, Canada absorbs nearly four times the carbon it emits.

It’s essential to remember that this calculation doesn’t account for carbon absorption by wetlands and farmland.

Despite being a significant carbon sink, Canada faces carbon taxes. It is perplexing why politicians pursue these measures, especially when Canada deserves recognition for its carbon-absorbing efforts.

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