What’s Happening In Cottage Country on August 10/2023

Good Morning!

Starting things off we did have some more rain overnight and by the looks of things we are going to have a lot more rain in the coming days. And nearing the end of September, things are going to get a bit cool. So … with that in mind I plan on getting things done that is needed doing, while the weather is nice. Like some front porch sittin’

Highway 522 is back to being quiet these days. However, there have been a lot of trucks moving up and down the highway bringing in lumber and things from other parts of the country. Which means there are still some folks building new homes and things.

On another note, I picked my first tomato yesterday and had it along with my supper. And I have to tell you it sure tasted good, nothing like what you buy in the grocery store. Full of flavor that makes you want to eat more. Which is what is supposed to happen, as your body knows when something is good. It’s its way of letting you know it likes what you are feeding it. Today for lunch I am going to pick a couple more and have a toasted tomato sandwich. Can’t wait. But on the topic of tomato’s while we were in town the other day the price they are charging for tomatoes is outrageous. One Farmers Market we stopped at were charging $2.00 apiece. But they aren’t the only ones that are charging these ridiculous prices. And the thing is, if someone blindfolded you, and gave you a bite of one, you wouldn’t even know it was a tomato. Well, maybe not everyone, as I wouldn’t hesitate to bet that a lot of folks doesn’t really know what fresh farm grown fruit or vegetables are supposed to taste or smell like. And another thing that bothers me to no end, is that a lot of these folks that are selling this produce, saying that they are farmers … really aren’t. They go to Toronto at the market there, buy up fruit from other countries, put it in Baskets that has Ontario Grown on them and then sell them to folks. Being a farmer, I can spot them a mile away. Sure is a shame what we are becoming here in Canada these days. But, if you want to help the real farmers, the ones that work hard day in a day out, strike up a conversation with them, and ask these so-called ones where their farms are, and how many acres they have, do they do up preserves for winter, what kind of tractors and implements they use, and what kind of fertilizer they use, how and if they irrigate, and then take a good look at the produce they are selling, and around their tables or in their trucks. And another would, be what kind of tomato, Early girl’s, Beef-stake, Glamour, or what kind of peaches are they selling, meaning the name of the peach, like are they Freestone, Split pits, what kind are they, Sun Haven, Red haven’s ? And then watch their faces when you are asking them questions, you can tell when they aren’t telling the truth, if not … you need to sharpen up your senses. Pretty well every farmer I knew, including myself, enjoy talking about our farms and how we worked the land and grew things.

With that I am off for some pancakes, topped off with some of Mike Clapperton’s Maple Syrup, that my lovely wife is preparing for me, and will then head on outside and do some mowing around the house here, while … my little woman will be making sweet pickle relish. Just one more item in our treasure chest for winter. She is sure doing up a lot of different things this year. Which means … that it is going to be a long, snowy cold winter.

Have a great day! GW

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