What’s Happening In Cottage Country on August 14/2023

Good Morning!

Starting things off, we are still in the midst of a lot of clouds this morning. The temperature has cooled down some, which makes it nice for sleeping. It is still quite humid though, but it is to be expected after all the rain we have been having. The seasons here in the north are beginning to change as they always do this time of year, closing in on September.

Bug Report: All is good these days.

Highway 522. It is still quiet and by the looks of things it will remain that way now for the rest of the summer with folks staying at home, caused by the price of things, along with the taxes here in Canada being so high. Pretty soon the Powers That Be, will be taking over half of your pay check. Kind of amazing if you think about it. Here they take half of your pay check and most folks go along with their thinking. Kind of makes me shake my head seeing what is happening these days. But in saying that it can only last so long, and things are, and will, begin to deteriorate more and more every day. It has to, as it can’t keep ongoing like it is. What can we do? Not much at the moment other than sit back and watch things play out. But it isn’t happening just here in Canada, The rest of the world is in trouble too. Bottom line. Too many people with too many ideas. Ideas that are…. Anyway, that is my rant for this morning.

With that I am off for a piece of toast that my lovely wife is preparing for me and will then head on outdoors and enjoy the day. The good part is where we live now, we are away from most of what is taking place in the world today. But it is slowly closing in on us.

Enjoy your day. GW

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