What’s Happening In Cottage Country On August 17/2023

Good Morning!

We are having some sunshine here this morning and it is a touch windy. But all in all it looks as we are in for a pretty nice day. However, we could see some showers later on in the day, along with more rain moving into our area for tomorrow. But Saturday and Sunday are looking good, which will be nice, as there are a couple of weddings in our area this weekend. I have no complaints about the weather so far this year.

Bug Report: Everything is good in that department.

Highway 522. There is still some construction and new pavement being put down heading into Trout Creek, but by the way they are going, it won’t be too long before it’s finished. Which should make it a lot easier on the front ends of our car for a couple of years.

On another note, being Thursday, my wife and I will be mowing grass around the house here. I like to keep it looking nice, as it makes it nice when folks drop by our cottage or gift shop. We have had so many compliments about how nice we keep it over the years, which makes me want to do more, when I am able to, that is. For the past year or so, not being well it’s been a challenge, but I am about caught up now. The only big project we have to do now is bring in our firewood for winter. We will see how that works out in a bit. I am thinking we will put it into the basement sometime in September, as nearing the middle or end of September things will be starting to cool down a lot. Sign of what’s to come. And by the way things are looking using nature as a barometer so to speak, it is going to be cold with a lot of snow.

With that, you all have a great day. GW

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