Vegetables For Sale, Port Loring

Hi Folks, I thought I would let everyone know that our tomatoes are ready, and I have put some out on the trailer in front of our house for sale. Self Serve. This year I have some yellow low acid ones along with the regular ones Early Girl. I have to tell you, they sure are tasty. They are all organic, I never put any chemicals on them. I don’t have a lot, but I do have some. I also have some nice English Cucumbers and Zucchini for sale, which are also on the trailer. The Cucumbers are somewhat large, but they are real tasty. My wife made up a bunch of relish out of some of them, which turned out real nice. Anyway, they are there for anyone that wants some. Oh, and I also have some Fresh Dug Gaelic for sale. 3 for $5.00

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