What’s Happening In Cottage Country On August 19/2023

Good Morning!

It is a touch cool this morning, with the temperature at the time of this post sitting at10.2 C | 50.36 F. However, it is going to warm up a lot, and it will be a real nice day with lots of sunshine. Which should make it real nice for those that are having a wedding in our area. We wish them well. The winds are coming in from the west this morning, which will help with the fishing for those that like/want to catch a few. I am thinking I will give my fishing buddy Barry a call and see if he wants to get out there in a day or so. I don’t like going out when it’s cold, so if we are going to, we had better get at it soon, with September on the horizon. Time sure flies by these days.

Bug Report: All is well. No one should have any complaints these days, other than a few fruit flies floating around from doing up preserves for winter. But we have a great little bug zapper that takes care of them, along with other ones that manage to sneak into the house occasionally. It works great indoors and sits here on a table in our living room. It’s called [Upgraded] Aspectek 20W Electronic Insect Zapper, Bug Killer for Indoor use – Effective Against Flies, Moths, Mosquitos, Cockroaches, Wasps, Beetles and Bugs – Kill Insects! It is available on Amazonca and costs $53.54. There are cheaper ones, but we found this one to be the best.

Highway 522. There are a few tourists and day trippers driving through our area. We had a steady stream of folks dropping by our one of a kind gift shop yesterday as the days before.

On another note, I did do some trimming outside yesterday, removing some overgrown bushes with the help of my lovely wife. I like to keep them cut down, as they do have a tendency to get out of hand if let go for too long. It sure is nice to be healthy enough to be able to do these things. A feller or gal sometimes doesn’t realize just how lucky they are to be able to walk and do things on their own. We kind of take certain things for granted. Moving along, our tomatoes are looking and tasting good these days. We will be starting to do them up for the freezer starting later on today or tomorrow. They sure are tasty this year.

With that, I’m setting off to savor a delicious bagel, ready to embrace whatever surprises the day has up its sleeve.

Have a great day! GW

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