What’s Happening In Cottage Country On August 30/2023

Good Morning!

It’s a cloudy morning here in cottage country, and along with that we are having a wee bit more rain. The rain started around 3 yesterday afternoon. Kind of a dismal sort of day. But the trees and plants need it with them preparing for their long sleep, which isn’t that far off. But in saying that, we are going to have a few more hot days before the cold enters into the picture. Which should arrive for Saturday, Sunday, Monday with Tuesday being the warmest. So summer isn’t finished with us yet.

On another note, my lovely wife is still doing up preserves for winter, it won’t be long now before we pick our Acorn Squash. They are ready now, but I like to leave them on till the last minute, in doing so they last all winter long. I also have been busy putting firewood in for winter for the past two days, and I should have it finished after one more day. Then other than cleaning up our vegetable garden we will be ready for what ever comes our way weather wise. Oh, I will also plant our garlic but that won’t happen until the weather gets really cold.

Highway 522 has slowed down considerably these days with folks leaving the country and heading back to their homes in the cities. And with the kids going back to school, most parents have a lot to do getting things ready. It isn’t like it was years ago, that’s for sure. I was lucky to get a new pencil and an eraser. And when I did get them, they were well-used. I never got new clothes, neither, as what we wore all day on the farm was what we wore to school.

With that, I am off for a bowl of cereal this morning and will then see what the day has in store for me. Life is sure interesting.

Have a great day! The sun will shine a bit later on. GW

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