“September 3 in Northern Ontario’s Cottage Country: Uncover the Latest Happenings!”

Good Morning!

By the looks of things, it is shaping up to be another really nice day here in Cottage Country. The sun is shinning without hardly a cloud in the sky. However, it will get a lot warmer today and even hotter tomorrow. We might even break some temperatures on Monday and Tuesday. But after Wednesday, things will start to cool back down to where it is normal for our area.

Highway 522: It was really busy yesterday with cars, bikes, trucks and campers coming in from all over. I guess they are taking advantage of what we have here in the north before the weather changes to not so good.. I can’t say I blame them, neither.

On another note, I worked all day yesterday around the house here and in my Old Woodworking shop. I pretty well have it cleaned up to where I like it. It’s been a long time coming. Today I have some more items I want to sell, like a small trailer and an Electric Snowblower, which is great for decks and things. The snowblower is new, I bought it thinking I would use it to help our neighbor, but it didn’t pan out as I expected. So I will put them out front and see if anyone is interested., You never know. And after that I am thinking I will enjoy a coffee on the front porch with my lovely wife. Taking in what nature has to offer. We still have some tomatoes left for sale, which are very tasty.

With that, I am off for a bite to eat. Not sure what yet, I haven’t made up my mind. Some days are like that.

Have a great day, make it a great day. GW

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