The Mullen Plant

You know there are many medicinal plants on this old earth, but here is one that has numerous properties that one can use, from ear aches to coughs that won’t stop. It grew all on its own right outside our door this year, so seeing that I kind of figured it is trying hard to tell us something, so we harvested some of its leaves and flowers just in case. I remember one time I had Bronchial Pneumonia and no matter what the doctors gave me, my cough wouldn’t go away. I coughed so much/hard that I tore a lot of my chest muscles. I then remembered my old friend Grey Wolf saying one time many years ago that Mullen Leaves will help with the coughing. So we took a leave after it was dried, ground it up and then strained it good, as you want to remove the small hairs it has on it. We used an organic coffee filter, not the white ones, the light brown ones. We then made a tea from it and within an hour my coughing subsided. So … Once again, Mother Natures Plants came to my rescue. In this case, the Mullen Plant.

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