What’s Happening In Cottage Country On Sept. 9/2023

Good Morning!

It’s a cloudy morning here, waking up in cottage country. However, looking at the sky, things are about to change as I can see a lot of blue sky making its way into our area. Which in turn should warm things up a touch … as getting out of bed we did have to turn on our oil furnace to warm things up a bit. The temperature at the time of this post was sitting at 10.9 C | 51.62 F. But things will warm up as the day moves forward. So we all best enjoy the warmth and sunshine while we can. I know my wife and I will. But in saying that, we still have a wee bit of things that needs attending before the freezing temperatures set in. Which is only a month away.

Highway 522 is very quiet these days, with most tourists and cottagers back in the cities. But in a month the hunters will head our way, hoping to put some meat in the freezer for winter. That will continue until December. After that, the only movement in our area will be the locals picking up their mail and things.

On another note, I didn’t do much yesterday, with my body not up to par as it should be. So I took it easy. Today I feel a bit better, but not good enough to get out there and do too much. I might put in our storm windows upstairs later on with my wife’s help. She has most of the preserves done up now for winter. She might do up a few more low acid tomatoes before they go bad, it’s a shame to waste them. And … I like them.

With that I am off for a boiled egg and some cottage cheese and then will see what the day has in store other than what I have planned.

Have a great day! GW

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