What’s Happening In Cottage Country On Sept 11/2023

Good Morning!

It’s a cloudy morning, waking up in cottage country. We didn’t have any rain through the night, but it does look like we might get a bit later on in the day. The good part is it isn’t too cold out this morning, and we didn’t have to turn on any heat. Which saves us some money as oil isn’t cheap these days, or is propane for that matter. Funny really, as the Powers that be went all gun ho getting everyone to switch over to propane saying it’s cheaper when in reality it isn’t. Gas and propane don’t cost less to make than oil because they all come from the same crude oil, and the process to get them ready for your tractor, car, truck or stove isn’t all that different. It’s like making different pies with the same apples – the core work is pretty similar, so the costs don’t vary much. One thing is for certain, the powers that be are good at is pulling the wool over certain individuals eyes. Ha ha.

Highway 522: Is still quiet these days other than a few locals moving around. There are a few tourists still in our area, as we have had a few drop by our gift shop.

On another note, my lovely wife pretty well has us stocked up on things for winter now. It took her about a month of working over a stove, but we sure will enjoy them throughout the winter months, which will save us a lot of money, especially these days with what they are charging for things. It’s amazing how they can get away with charging these prices. And feel it’s justified. So what should one do? Well, other than growing your own produce or buying directly from a farmer and doing things up that you like, that’s about it. Complaining doesn’t help a bit. I have found that if there is a will there is a way of getting around things, it all boils down to the individual themselves. The thing is I personally believe that our powers to be today doesn’t want you to become self efficient, they want you needing them, in doing so they have you under their control. I am not sure why some folks can’t see that, but … to each their own, I always say. For my wife and I we overcame a hell of a lot of hardships and obstacle’s in our day, and you know … we became stronger in doing so and I like to think a lot wiser. Anyway, enough of that, I am off for a boiled egg and some cottage cheese along with a slice of tomato from our own garden. Which should keep me going for the morning.

Have a great day! GW

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