“Seasonal Spectacles: What’s Happening in and Around Our Country Home this October 14/2023”

Good Morning!

It’s a touch cloudy here, waking up in cottage country. It is also going to start getting a wee bit colder, which is to be expected this time of year. In saying that, though, my lovely wife and I did enjoy a cup of tea sitting on our front porch yesterday while chatting. It seems that even after fifty some years we still find a lot of interesting topics to talk about. And you know, we are damn good at it too.

Highway 522 is kind of busy with the trucks and all, but other than that it is quiet with just the locals moving around looking for something to see or do. That’s what small towns are all about. Of course, they won’t tell you that. Ha ha.

On another note, I did finish up the project I was working on in my woodworking shop yesterday, and it turned out pretty good. At least now, my mouse for my computer won’t be falling on the floor all the time while sitting in my lazy boy chair. I know some would ask. “George, why do you need a lazy boy chair, for your computer.” Well, simply put, it is the only chair I have that I can get my legs up to the right position that doesn’t hurt me. However, this year, I treated myself to a new laptop, and my son is currently setting it up for me. He’s installing Linux on it because he doesn’t like Microsoft, and my wife and I have grown to like Linux too after using it for a while. One great thing about it is that you don’t have to worry about viruses, and it’s maintained by smart computer experts for free. In contrast, Microsoft can be expensive and sometimes has issues. The only good version they made, in my opinion, was Windows 7. The others have been frustrating. This has also been profitable for computer repair shops. How would I describe it in lay mans words.

Well, maybe this will help.

Imagine your computer is like a super smart friend who helps you do everything, from watching videos to playing games. Linux is like a special type of smart friend who can do all that, just a bit differently. It’s a popular computer system that lots of people use because it’s free and can do cool things, just like the other big computer systems you might have heard of, like Windows or Mac.

One really neat thing about Linux is that it’s like a Lego set for your computer. You can build it up and change it in all sorts of ways, making it work just the way you want. It’s also excellent at keeping your computer safe from bad stuff that might try to sneak in and cause trouble, like viruses. So, it’s like having a reliable buddy who’s always got your back when it comes to keeping your computer safe and sound.

So with that bit of info swarming around in your mind, I am off for a bagel this morning with some of my wife’s freshly homemade jam, which I am looking forward to.

Have a great day. GW

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