“Chronicles of Fall: What’s Happening in and Around Our Cottage Country Home on October 16/2023”

Good Morning!

Starting things off it is a cloudy wet morning here in cottage country. And the clouds will remain with us for most of the day. Tomorrow however we should see a wee bit of sunshine which will brighten up everybody’s day. In truth, too many days without sunshine isn’t good for our constitution being humans and all, as our bodies need it to survive. But you all knew that, right?

In other news related to the weather, things have started to cool down some, and it will continue to do so with each passing day. My wife and I have had to turn on our oil furnace every morning with it being a touch cool, but for most parts it’s the dampness that gets to us more than anything. It seems the older I get, the more I despise the changeable weather. But what can ya do? Mother Nature’s got her own way of keepin’ us on our toes, and we’ll just have to roll with the punches.

On another note, my lovely wife and I went to the big city of North Bay yesterday, picking up some things that will make our winter a bit easier. I have to tell you the price of food was outrageous, but in saying that there are some good deals out there at the moment, one would be onions as you can buy a 15 pound bag of cooking onions for around $2.50 cents. Pretty hard to beat that. Hell, I can’t grow them for that price. There were some can goods that were also on sale that we picked up, as some of the expiration dates were saying they were good until 2025. It never hurts to have a few extra things in the pantry come winter in this country, and the way things are going now in Canada I am thinking we all should be doing up more food and putting it away. Lately, I’ve been feeling an unexplainable urge, almost like an itch that won’t go away, telling me to ensure we are well-prepared. It might be nothing, but over the years, I’ve learned that it’s wise to trust one’s instincts. Following my intuition throughout life so far has often spared us from a lot of unnecessary issues.

Saying that yesterday just before I left walking around our car to get in I noticed one of the tires on the car seemed a bit low, but shrugged it off saying to myself that all radials look a bit low when they aren’t. But I had that nagging feeling and about halfway to North Bay my sensor light came on in the car saying we had a pressure problem in one tire. We made it okay and when I got to a gas station I filled it up. Actually, Radial tires have a tendency to lose air when the temperatures get colder. Usually they leak around the bead of the tire. Which is fixed by breaking down the tire, cleaning the rim and putting some glue around it before airing it back up. Especially on these new wheels that are on the cars today. So in saying all that if I had listened to that nagging itch I could have saved two dollars as that is what it costs for air nowadays. Actually four dollars as the first place we stopped I put in my two dollars and the air pump wasn’t working, so had to go to another. Sons a gun wouldn’t refund my money, neither. You can bet I let the know about it too, which didn’t help one bit, truth be told. The only thing it did was give me the satisfaction of giving them a piece of my mind for what it was worth.

But all in all it was a good day.

Stay safe my friends. GW

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