October 18/2023 Delights: Exploring What’s Happening in and Around Our Cottage Country Home”

Good Morning!

It’s a cool, cloudy, rainy morning here in Cottage Country. But in saying that, we should see some sunshine later on in the day. Which is what is needed as I want to plant next year’s garlic. I like to get it in a week or so before it freezes, as it gives it some time to get established. However, we do need the rain, as the plants and trees need to store up for their long winters nap.

Highway 522: It’s been a bit busy for the past few days with hunters moving into our area in hopes of getting some meat for the table. This will continue until the end of December. After that, things will ease off some, making it, so people can walk through the bush safely. Which my wife and I enjoy doing if we feel up to it. On the other hand, we do get a lot of exercise moving snow from our decks and the neighbors deck, along with our driveway. We just have to ease into it and not go gun hoe in the beginning.

On another note, yesterday I got involved in writing up a couple stories for the newspaper columns I write for, which took most of the day. Unfortunately, we also received some really sad news. My good friend, Kerry Booth, passed away. We shared some incredible moments and had some fantastic chats over the years. I’m really going to miss him. He was truly an exceptional person, to say the least.

With that I am off for an egg on an English Muffin this morning, that my lovely wife is preparing, and just because I can, I think a Hot Chocolate afterward will be in order with a touch of whip cream.

Have a great day, stay safe as I have heard there is a lot of sickness in our area at the moment. GW

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