Spirit of the Autumn Wind: Discover What’s Happening in and Around Our Cottage Country Home this October 25/2023

“Country mornings are the best mornings!”

Starting things off, we are in the midst of some rain here this morning. But here’s the twist – it’s not quite “freezing your socks off” cold just yet, which, to be perfectly honest, suits me just fine. The thermometer this morning read a positively tropical 14.3°C | 57.74°F. We will also see a lot more rain as the day moves forward. But in saying all that, the good news is it isn’t snow. However, my fabulous sister Barb gave me the lowdown from Saskatchewan, and they’re in the icy grip of snow. It’s so cold there that even the snowflakes are bundling up. Now, when I hear that, I know winter is knocking on our door here in the north.

So yesterday I lied, as I didn’t get to my old woodworking shop as planned. Instead, I stayed inside working away here on my computer setting more things up, that will make my life easier when writing up stories, along with doing my Blog, and not to forget my upcoming YouTube Channel. I did however get some new equipment for making my YouTube’s yesterday, delivered to our home, which is one more thing that I have to get used to, and since it is raining today I will see if I can figure things out in that department. All this high-tech stuff is nice, but … it is a challenge getting used to them. But such is life and I have to admit I enjoy trying and doing new things.

With that I am off for an English Muffin with an egg easy over, some cheddar cheese and some bacon laid on for good measure. Just remember, one piece of bacon a day keeps the doctor away… or was it an apple?

It’s time to wrap up this blog post, folks. But don’t worry, I’ll be back with more wisdom, wit, and a dash of nonsense tomorrow. Until then, have a great day, and keep being your awesome selves! GW

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