What’s Happening (and Who’s Stirring the Cider) at Our Cottage Country Home on November 3/2023″

“A fresh page in the book of life!”

Good Morning!

It’s a touch cloudy waking up here in Cottage country, but the good news is the snow we did have has melted. But I am sure given time it will return for all those that enjoy it. For myself, well … let’s just say I like it, but I enjoy our summers more.

Anyway, you might’ve noticed I haven’t been around lately. The thing is, we had to take our car to the Ford dealer in North Bay. We needed snow tires put on, an oil change, and that damn motor light wouldn’t stop buggin’ us. The folks at the dealership had a good look and found a problem with the fuel pump inside the tank. It had rusted out and needed a new one, which, let me tell ya, cost a pretty penny.

But, we knew it had to be done, so we said “go ahead” and they got to work. Problem was, it took four days ’cause they had to order some special parts. We stayed with our son in North Bay, and we just got back home yesterday afternoon.

On the bright side, we had a great time with our boy, and Mom took the chance to clean up his whole place, do his laundry, and help with a bunch of stuff. To show his appreciation, he treated us to dinner for four nights straight.

Today I am going to get back to work here in my computer as I have some things that need attending and then later on relax and have a drink with my lovely wife. After what we have been through for the past few days, I think we deserve it.

“Goodbye for now, and keep smiling.” GW

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