“Simple Joys of November 19/2023: What’s Happening Around Our Cottage “

Sunrise is nature’s way of giving us a fresh start.”

Good Morning!

I know it’s been awhile since my last post, but I have been busy working in my woodworking shop. I do have a handful of projects in the works, but I’ll keep the details under my hat for now, as I am planning to showcase ’em in a YouTube video once everything’s shipshape. So far it is working out okay, but there is a lot of preparation work to be done before, while working, and after I am finished for the day setting things up and taking things down. And I should remind ya it is going to take some getting used to and I suspect my first videos won’t be the best, but I am sure I will get better as I go along.

Other than that things are quiet around town these days, most of our hunters have left us for another year and the locals are taking things a bit easy. Which is a good thing in part.

For my wife and I we are always busy doing something and our days are full. But it’s been that way all our life and thinking of things, I kind of figure it will remain that way for the remainder of our days. We just can’t set around, and love doing new things.

Weather wise, it has been quite nice for the past month or so. We did have a touch of snow earlier on in the month, but that has left us. But I am sure it won’t be long before we get some more. However, in saying that it has been cold enough to warrant me lighting the wood furnace in our basement and I have also been steadily keeping our shop stove going. Which is necessary if I want to work comfortable out there.

With that I am off for a bowl of porridge that my lovely wife is making for me and will then get to work, or maybe I should say doing the things I enjoy.

As I sip my morning hot chocolate, I’m reminded that life, like the hot chocolate, is best enjoyed slowly. Take your time today; let every sip and every moment be meaningful. GW

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