“A Gander at November, Nov 21/2023: What’s Happening Around Our Country Home”

I used to tell our boys getting out of bed that: “The The morning sun is a farmer’s first hired hand.”

Good Morning Folks!

Well, starting things off, it is a cool morning with the temperature sitting at -4.2 C | 24.44 F. We could also see around 3 inches of snow for Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday morning. Which in turn will/should give us a white Christmas. For the past twenty years of living here in the North, we have always had snow for Christmas. It’s one of the things I enjoy the most, and you know why? Well, I will tell you: It’s because it makes things a lot easier for Santa to get around in his sleigh. And what would a Christmas be without Santa. He is what Christmas is all about.

Highway 522 is very quiet these days. Most of our locals are enjoying the warmth of their country homes, and pretty well all the hunters have left us for another year, heading back to the big cities with tall stories to tell of the huge old buck that got away. Insisting, they made eye contact with it just before it disappeared. I can hear them now as they tell their tall tales, with their wife’s exchanging amused glances with each other.

On another note, I have been working steadily in my woodworking shop for the past week or so on a studio desk for my lovely wife, which as I told you in a past post that I will share with you in a YouTube video in the coming days. Today I am hoping to finish it and if lucky I might even get to putting on a coat of stain.

With that I am off for a bowl of oatmeal/porridge that my little woman is making for me and will then head on out to the woodworking shop.

“Well, that’s my morning on what’s happening. Take it easy today, and don’t forget to enjoy the little things. Until next time, folks!” GW

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