“Handcrafted Holidays: What’s Being Crafted in and Around Our Cottage on December1/2023”

As I used to tell our boys: “Turn the key slow, give it a moment to breathe, and then crank ‘er up. Life’s the same; take a moment, breathe, and then tackle the day.”

Good Morning!

So yea, I took a little break from sharing, but I’ve been knee-deep in sawdust over at our woodworking shop. I also have been busy with video editing—yeah, still figuring that one out. My lovely wife, she’s been busy jazzing up her studio and gift shop, sketching out ideas for me to bring to life in the workshop, along with a lot of other things. Sure, there’s a bunch on the ol’ to-do list, but I’m enjoying the ride. I have always believed in getting things done while the gettin’s good. It keeps the hands busy, the spirit alive, and the heart full.

Highway 522 is quiet these days, Rush hour: Our traffic jams involve a few folks stopping to appreciate a particularly good-looking maple/pine tree.

On another note, I will be working steadily here in my shop today, but first a bite to eat is in order that my lovely wife is making for me.

Have a great day, stay safe. GW

2 thoughts on ““Handcrafted Holidays: What’s Being Crafted in and Around Our Cottage on December1/2023””

    1. Hi Donna, real nice to hear from you. I am happy you are enjoying my posts. I will send the link to Steve that I said I would, for my YouTube Videos today, I was away for a couple of days. Let him know it is all new to me making these videos, so bear with me. I am sure I will get better at situating the cameras and things as I go along. And I am getting used to the editing program that my son Karl got for me, which in turn should make them look a lot better. At least, I hope so. Ha ha. Anyway, you have a great day. GW

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