Cider and Stories: Sipping Wisdom by the Fireside on What’s Happening on December 13/2023

As my late Native friend would say!

“Good mornin’, where the sunrise paints the sky with tales of yesterday.”

We here in cottage country are starting our day off with some clouds, but walking to my woodworking shop to light my stove, I did see some blue starting to make its way into our area. So I suspect we will be seeing some sunshine later on. Which is nice as we do need the sunshine to keep us healthy. Even if it isn’t producing as much vitamin D3 that we need. My wife and I rectify that problem with taking a good supplement every day at noon. At noon, why, some might ask? Well, the truth is noon is the best time to be taking any natural medicine or cures/lotions, as our body is in full swing and can handle any sudden changes. Another bit of wisdom my old Native friend told me many years ago. I would suspect that if everyone took precautions, ate well and took Vitamin D3 in the winter we wouldn’t have half the sickness that is around us these days. But hey, who am I, just an old feller enjoying life to the fullest in the greatest part of the world.

On another note I worked steadily in my woodworking shop yesterday on a few projects that my lovely wife wanted to be done, and today I am making built in shelves on a wall by my desk, so I can put all these new gadgets I have on them, or better said, know where to find them. That should take me most of the day.

Closing this morning’s chat: “Life’s too short to be serious all the time. Embrace the day, dance like no one’s watching, and let the sun catch you smiling.”

Have a great day. GW

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