“Ramblin’ Recollections: An Old Feller’s Journey Through Time on Dec. 22/2023”

“Good morning folks. Another sunrise, another chance to grow a little wiser.”

It’s a very cold morning here, waking up in cottage country with it sitting at -12.8 C | 8.96 F.

Being that Christmas is edging closer, I bet that Santa Claus has been fattening up his reindeer the past few weeks so they will be able to endure the trip around the world. You know, I think of Santa as a magical friend who makes Christmas super fun. Believin’ in Santa adds a bit of magic to the holiday season, especially for the little ones. It’s like a time when we all get to use our imaginations and dream a little. Something I believe that has been lost throughout the years. And you know, Christmas is for everyone, no membership fees or secret handshakes. Whether you go to church every Sunday or not, it’s a time to share smiles, stories, and maybe some cookies with your neighbours.

On another note, once again I worked steadily in the old woodworking shop yesterday, straightening things up and moving things around. Then in the afternoon I cut out a few things on my scroll saw for my lovely wife, as she is doing up some things for Christmas, that we can stand by our door. I am in the process of making a YouTube video that shows how we went about it.

I did light the stove in the shop earlier, so it should be warming up now, and I will head on out after breakfast, and then in the afternoon maybe do some more editing on some videos. I will see how that goes.

“Wrapping up this frosty morning chat with a bow of wisdom, a sprinkle of country Christmas humour, and a steaming mug of hot chocolate. “Life’s a bit like a tangled string of Christmas lights – sometimes you just have to laugh, untangle, and let the brightness shine through.” GW

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