Food For Thought

You know, lately, I have been scratchin’ my head like a confused chicken. Back in 2018, the folks in charge started treatin’ our wallets like a never-ending ATM. More than 80% of us hardworking middle-class families had to dish out an extra $840 a year in federal taxes. And that was just the starter course – before they brought out the grand feast of the carbon tax.

Now, as we’re rollin’ toward 2024, it’s like they’re throwin’ everything at us but the kitchen sink. They’re talkin’ about more taxes – payroll, carbon, and even on the liquid sanity we call booze. Rumour has it, they want to add $700 to $1,300 more on every family’s tax bill. It’s like they’re playin’ Monopoly with our money, and we didn’t even get to pass go.

Wrap your head around this: even on the lower end, since 2015, we’ve been slapped with about $2,500 more each year. That’s enough to make a scarecrow do a double-take. Just imagine, we could be pocketin’ an extra $200 every month if it wasn’t for the decisions these folks been cookin’ up for the past eight years.

As I sit here in front of my computer pondering on things, I can’t help but think our hard-earned cash is playin’ hide and seek, and it ain’t us doin’ the hiding. It’s like we’re the punchline in a joke we didn’t sign up for. Time for a change, or maybe we should send ’em a shovel – they seem to be really-good, at diggin’ holes for our money.

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