Hitch a Ride to Yesteryear: Tales from the Countryside Roads on Dec 31/2023″

“Well, good mornin’! In the 50s, life was simpler – just like my Hot Cocoa, this morning sweet and no-nonsense.”

So here it is the last day in 2023. Time sure flies by.

Starting things off, I remember chatting to my old Dad while enjoying a well needed rest at his cottage in Sarasota, Florida, around this time of year. I was talking about it being so cold and desolate back home in Canada. I told him that nothing seemed to be alive back on the farm. Pointing at the ground, Dad said, “George, the earth rests beneath the blanket of snow and frozen ground, preparing for the awakening. It’s a lesson, son. Life may seem still, but beneath the surface, there’s a quiet, patient transformation taking place. Trust the dormant season/future, for it’s where the seeds of tomorrow lie.” I never forgot them few words, and today I know he was telling the truth. And you know, I didn’t mind going back home.

On another note, Highway 522 is still very quiet. Actually up here in cottage country, our idea of a wild night out, is sitting on the porch, listening to the symphony of crickets and debating whether that distant screechy howl is a wolf, or just old …. rehearsing for her Church Social.

Yesterday, I spent my day working away at my desk, writing a couple of stories for Post Media. I write 52 stories a year for them. I find it comforting to stay a bit ahead of schedule—it helps me sleep better at night, knowing I don’t have to scramble and get them done at the last minute.

Today I am thinking of heading outside to my woodworking shop as I have a few projects I want to do. I might even make another video regarding one of them. I will see how that works out. However, it is cold out there so I lit the wood stove, which is perking away nicely, warming things up. Which should be nice by the time I finish up my breakfast, that my lovely wife is making for me.

So with that. “I wish you a morning as easy as an old time radio hit as truth told, life’s like a vintage camper – cozy and full of stories. Sip your hot cocoa, tune in to the memories, and let the day play on.” GW

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