What’s Happening Told the Country Way on January 12/2024

Good Morning. But, as I have always told my boys. Living on the farm, we don’t just say good morning or hello, we say welcome to another page in the book of life.

That comes from being a writer … among other things.

Highway 522 is partially snow covered in certain areas and there are some icy sections throughout.

In saying that we are in for some snow, as looking up at the sky late last night walking to my shop to stoke the fire, the signs were there letting us all know it is closing in on us. Some now get all up tight, but for my lovely wife and I, living here in the north, it’s like the sky’s way of sending us a friendly reminder to slow down and enjoy life at nature’s pace.

On another note, I didn’t do all that much yesterday in my woodworking shop, but I did learn enough so I can use this new camera I bought awhile back, for making my YouTube Videos. And I have to say the videos from here on in, will look down right nice. It’s amazing what they have come up with over the past few years, relating to technology. You could say that this old feller, still enjoys the old ways, but he also likes a sprinkle of modern on top, just to sweeten things up a bit. Something like my hot Cocoa that my lovely wife makes for me every morning.

That is what these videos are all about, which is why I named it Reviving The Simple Life. Which truth told is what a lot/most today has forgotten.

Well, that’s my northern sunrise talk for the day, my friends. Stay safe and take some extra precautions when around a lot of people, as there is a lot of sickness going around these days. GW

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