Trying To Change The Past?

As an old-timer and a writer, I find comfort in the timeless truths of our past. Yet, today, I see a troubling trend—as some desire to rewrite yesterday’s tales, as if it could reshape today.

Let me be clear: the past ain’t a toy for our whims. It’s a testament to those who walked before us, a well of wisdom for our journey forward. To tinker with it, whether by altering stories or judging folks by today’s standards, is to deny the lessons we’ve learned.

Think of books, each a portal to human experience. Some want to censor them, but who are we to decide what’s worth knowing? And what of those in our history books? Flawed, yes, but aren’t we all? We can’t cast them aside for that.

So let’s not be fooled by revisionism. Let’s embrace our past, warts and all.

In the end, the past is not to be feared, but honoured. I feel we should stand firm against any who would seek to erase it, be it through altering books, removing statues, or otherwise. Our history shapes us, and we must preserve it, learn from it, and let it guide us forward. GW

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