Groundhog Day, Feb 2

They said in the news yesterday that, Ontario’s Wiarton Willie, didn’t see his shadows on Friday morning. Which in turn means that spring isn’t that far off. I am all for that.

You know, back when I was young, Groundhog Day was like a holiday. We’d all gather around, shiverin’ in the cold, waitin’ to see what that groundhog had to say. It was as if nature was telling us what the weather had in store.

But these days for most it’s all about fancy gadgets and high-tech gizmos. Instead of trusting the wisdom of the groundhog, we’re glued to our screens, checkin’ weather forecasts like there’s no tomorrow. It seems we’ve lost touch with the simplicity of it all.

We also didn’t need much to be happy back when—just good company and the promise of spring in the air. It’s a shame we’ve let it slip through our fingers in this fast-paced world.

I think we should all take a step back, remember the good ol’ days, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll find a bit of that old-fashioned joy once again. GW

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