Tales from the Frosty Fields On Feb. 12/2024

Good morning! Where the sun rises late, and the town-folk rise even later.

It’s a bit cloudy and cool here in Cottage Country, however the sun is trying hard to sneak through, which sure will be nice. I like these mornings as the air is fresh, and the ground is hard. Walking out to my woodworking shop to lite the stove every morning seems to clear out the cobwebs.

Nothing much to report on Highway 522 this morning, so I will share A Chat Between Two Old Codgers On Their Farm:

Jed: “Earl, reckon you heard about them city fellas trying to save the world with their fancy carbon tax?”
Earl: “You bet I did, Jed! They think slapping a tax on our air is going to fix everything?”
Jed: “Seems that way! Next thing you know, they’ll be charging us for the dust we kick up while working the fields!”
Earl: “Ha! They’ll tax anything that moves, won’t they? I half expect ’em to tax the crows for cawing too loud!”
Jed: “Well, I tell ya, Earl, it’s us working folk who end up feeling the pinch. Can’t afford to breathe easy no more!”
Earl: “You got that right, Jed! Soon they’ll be charging us for the sunshine we use to dry our laundry!”
Jed: “Ain’t that the truth! But you know what they say, Earl, laughing keeps us warm when the taxman’s blowing cold.”
Earl: “You betcha, Jed! Let’s just hope they don’t start taxing us for our laughs too!”
Jed: “Well, if they do, Earl, we’ll just laugh louder! Can’t tax a man’s sense of humor, now can they?”
Earl: “That’s right, Jed! Here’s to us, the last of the laughing farmers in a world gone tax-crazy!”
Jed: “Cheers to that, Earl! Now let’s go see if we can’t outwit them taxes while we milk the cows!”

On another note, yesterday I once again worked here at my desk doing up some editing on another YouTube video, which I have to say turned out pretty good.

With that I am off for another bowl of porridge that my lovely wife has prepared for me, and will then get to writing up a couple of stories for my newspaper columns. Always something to keep this old mind of mine a thinking.

In closing, remember:” Life’s like a jug of moonshine – it’s best when shared with good company, but … a sip alone ain’t half bad either!” GW

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