Away from the Rush: Living Slow Here In The North on April 12/2024

“Good Morning! Where the only thing that grows faster than the weeds is my to-do list!” And lately that list has been long.

We are waking up to some heavy rain here in cottage country. It rained all night long, and by the looks of things the rain will remain with us for most of the day. Tomorrow, however, is looking better as we should see some sunshine off and on. Just the same, though; Mother Nature has her own agenda.

Highway 522 is wet and one should take care, as there are a lot of water lying here and there, which if you’re not careful can draw your car/truck off to the side of the road. And we sure don’t need anyone going into the ditch.

It’s also still very quiet, other than some hydro trucks working on a few projects they have on the go; which we noticed, as my wife and I had to go to North Bay yesterday for an appointment at the dentist, along with picking up a few things.

You know, some days, the highway feels like a time capsule, holding onto the memories of days gone by. And occasionally, while going to town, I can almost hear the echoes of old pickup trucks and horse-drawn carriages making their way down the road. I hope it always remains that way!

On another note as I just said, we had to go to town, while there we did what was needed, picked up a few things, had lunch at East Side Mario’s, and headed on home sipping on a coffee we picked up at the coffee shop; taking in nature while chatting away. All in all, a pretty good day. Other than paying for things. The price of things makes a fellow cringe at the cash-out counter.

I’ve always said while farming: “The land don’t care about your plans or your worries. It’s indifferent to your troubles. But if you treat it right, it’ll give back tenfold.”

With that I am off for my morning bowl of porridge that my lovely wife is making for me, and will then see what this old rainy day has in store. After we have our morning chat and a cup of hot cocoa, that is.

You all have a great day and I will leave you with this: “Here in the country, we don’t just stop to smell the roses – we plant them, water them, and watch them bloom. And if they attract a few bees along the way, well, that’s just nature’s way of saying hello!”

Fishing Times For Friday

Major Times
3:32 AM-5:32 AM
4:01 PM-6:01 PM

Minor Times
8:05 AM-9:05 AM

Day Rating: I give it a 1-star rating out of 5 for catching a few. Not the greatest day for fishing, though, being its raining. But if you do get out there, good luck!

Fishing Tip Of The Day From Two Old Codgers: Barry and I always consider the time of day. Fish are typically more active during dawn and dusk, so plan your fishing trips accordingly. Get up early to catch the morning bite, or stay out late for the evening feeding frenzy. Plus, there’s something magical about watching the sunrise or sunset from the peaceful serenity of your fishing spot – it’s like a bonus reward for your early morning or late-night fishing adventures!

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