Life Beyond the City’s Clamor on April 21/2024

Good Morning! Time to embrace the peace and quiet of country living, where the only sirens we hear are from the distant call of the wild.

We are waking up to some sunshine here in cottage country. And it sure is nice to see, and feel for that matter.

Highway 522 is bare and dry, which will make traveling good today, and truth told it should remain that way now for the rest of the summer. Let’s hope so. How to tell when the tourists are here, well you can tell when someone’s not from around here when they actually use their turn signal.

On another note, I worked the day away yesterday in my woodworking shop on the new waterwheel I am making for our new fishpond. I have to say I made some pretty good headway, and today I should be able to finish it.

I have always said: “When the barn door’s open, the animals roam free. The same goes for opportunities. Keep your eyes open and seize ’em when they come.”

With that, I am off for a bagel this morning with some honey and cream cheese that my lovely wife is making for me, and will then head on out to my shop.

You all have a great day and I will leave you with this: “In the country, time moves a little slower, and the stories run a little deeper – where every wrinkle tells a tale and every creak in the floorboard echoes with the laughter of generations past.”

Fishing Times for Sunday

Major Times
10:43 AM-12:43 PM

Minor Times
5:01 AM-6:01 AM
5:36 PM-6:36 PM

Day Rating: I give it a 3-Star Rating for catching a few today. Good Luck!

Fishing Tip of the Day: Experiment with different trolling speeds, depths, and lure colors to find the most effective combination. Vary your trolling patterns until you find a setup that consistently produces bites.

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