A Morning in the Countryside on May 3/2024

Good Morning! You know, living in the country ain’t about rushing from one thing to the next. It’s about taking the time to listen to the land, learn from her ways, and let her guide you in her own sweet time.

It’s a cloudy Friday morning here in Cottage country. And by the looks of things we could see some more rain, and possibly a bit of thunder later on in the day, caused by some warmer weather moving into our area. So… I am not too sure how much work I will get done outside today. But you never know.

Yesterday my wife and I worked the day away mowing our grass for the first time, and then after lunch we planted a couple more fruit trees. I also had time to put on a coat of dormant oil, as they weren’t out in bud yet. Which should help them throughout the year. While I was working away on that, my lovely wife was busy working up her gardens removing grass, weeds and things. At the end of the day, our property was looking pettier than a park, and we both took a few minutes to do some front porch sittin’ taking it all in, while enjoying a cool drink. Makes a couple feel mighty fine knowing the day wasn’t wasted.

Today, weather permitting, I am planning on setting up the new water-wheel I made a few weeks ago, and if time I will install the new pump we bought that will draw the water from the pond and turn the wheel, we will see how it works out. Should be a fun project, I would think. If things don’t work out I will head on out to my woodworking shop and clean it up a bit, as after making a new bench that is now sitting out by our fishpond, well, let’s just say… it’s a bit messy. Again we will have to see what takes place weather wise. But no matter what, it seems there is always something to do.

Highway 522 actually was somewhat busy yesterday with folks moving up and down the highway. Had me scratching my head, wondering where they were hightailin’ it to. Maybe they think there’s gold in them there hills, or they’re just running from their own shadows. One never knows in this neck of the woods.

Wisdom I have learned: “I found that there’s a rhythm to farming, a harmony with nature, that comes from years of tilling the soil. You learn to dance to that rhythm, or you don’t last long.”

With that I am off for my morning breakfast that my little woman has prepared for me, and will then see what the day has to offer. Life is a mystery. Just the way I like it.

You all have a great day, and I will leave you with this: “You know, one thing is for certain, I’ve learned a thing or two about gardening over the years. Mainly, if you talk to your plants, they tend to grow better. But in saying that, don’t expect them to talk back. That’s when you know you’ve been out in the sun too long.”

Fishing Times for Friday

Major Times
8:26 AM-10:26 AM
8:51 PM-10:51 PM

Minor Times
3:34 AM-4:34 AM
2:29 PM-3:29 PM

Day Rating: I give it a 3-Star Rating out of for catching a few. Good Luck!

Fishing tip of the day: “Forget fancy lures and shiny gadgets. Sometimes, all you need is a simple hook, line, and bait. Keep it basic, keep it natural, and you might be surprised at the results.” GW

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